How to use ChatGPT – 7 tips for beginners

ChatGPT launched to the world in November 2022 (Image credit: Choong Deng Xiang/Unsplash)

ChatGPT launched to the world in November 2022 (Image credit: Choong Deng Xiang/Unsplash)

Since OpenAI made ChatGPT—the Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer—publicly available in November 2022, it has been increasingly difficult to ignore. It has had a significant impact on everything from writing novels to information retrieval, and its pace doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.
ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence engine that can generate text and visuals that have the appearance of being authored by a human. This is due to the fact that it has been trained using enormous volumes of data that have been taken from the internet, making it function like a really strong autocorrect prediction system that understands what needs to go where.

Even though you’ve undoubtedly heard of ChatGPT by now, it’s possible that you haven’t used it yet. That’s where we come in. Anyone may use ChatGPT for free on the web and through the Android and iOS mobile apps, and our platform starter advice will help you get the most out of ChatGPT.

1. Get creative with your prompts

Get ChatGPT to respond with a rhyme, if you want (Image credit: Future)

Get ChatGPT to respond with a rhyme, if you want (Image credit: Future)

First piece of advice: don’t be scared to experiment and be innovative. You can ask ChatGPT to write text about almost anything, such a murder mystery novel’s narrative, an explanation of black holes in layman’s words, or a speech for a wedding. When you launch the web app for the first time, you’ll also receive some quick recommendations.

This inventiveness even extends to directing ChatGPT’s response. You can instruct it to talk in a specific tone of voice, address a specific audience, or even respond in rhymes. There is a great deal of flexibility in terms of what can be done; for example, you may instruct the AI bot to generate tables of data or code to carry out specific tasks.

2. Ask Follow-up question

As you progress through your interactions with the AI, ChatGPT allows you to effortlessly submit follow-up questions and queries since it can save your prompts and its responses in memory. This is useful when you need a little further explanation, an analogy to help you understand a concept better, or you need to modify the code you’ve written to accomplish something different. Naturally, you can also use it to improve the response you’ve received. For example, you may ask it to “give me more detail” about a certain component of it or “summarize the above in 100 words” so you don’t have to repeat everything.

3. Tell ChatGPT more about yourself

You can specify some special instructions for ChatGPT (Image).

You can specify some special instructions for ChatGPT (Image).

ChatGPT can adjust its response to you based on the information you provide. To do this, click your name in the bottom left corner of the online interface and select Custom instructions. You can fill in the first area with details about your work, interests, and place of residence, among other things. Just be careful not to give too much personal information.

You can specify default parameters for ChatGPT’s response to you in the first box (you can override these settings if needed). You may want to specify the length of the bot’s usual responses or the tone it should use in general. Additionally, you can control ChatGPT’s level of opinion when delivering information to you.

4. Get ChatGPT to think again

Three Fast Starter Ideas

  1. Specify
    Give ChatGPT precise instructions on what you need from its response, including the length, tone, and any other requirements. The response will be more pertinent the more details you provide.
  2. Make a copy and paste
    The simplest method to obtain the text created by ChatGPT for another location is to use the copy text icon, which is a small clipboard that shows at the bottom of each response created in the online interface.
  3. Set up the apps on your phone.
    Installing the official ChatGPT applications on your Android or iOS device allows you to view all of your conversations while on the road.

Every response that ChatGPT provides will have a few small icons at the bottom for copying the content, providing comments, and recreating the response (the circle arrow). If you would want ChatGPT to suggest an additional response based on the same question, use the last one. To access the same choices on a mobile device, long press on a response.

5. Share links to your conversations

Sharing a conversation from ChatGPT (Image credit: Future)

Sharing a conversation from ChatGPT (Image credit: Future)

You may wish to share portions of your ChatGPT chats with others for a variety of reasons, such as exchanging emails with a select few or reaching a larger audience on social media. Maybe you have a resource that you want other people to have access to, or you want to demonstrate the cleverness (or foolishness) of the AI.

To access the Share feature in the online interface, click the three dots that appear next to any of your chats. A preview and a link will be provided for you to copy. You can put the link anywhere you choose, but keep in mind that anyone who finds the link can read the chat. You can also assign a different name to the conversation than the one assigned to it by default, if you want to.

7. Speak to ChatGPT using your voice

You can chat with ChatGPT using your voice (Image credit: Future)

You can chat with ChatGPT using your voice (Image credit: Future)

You can use your voice to communicate with ChatGPT using the same method you do with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, at least when using the mobile app. You can start it by tapping the headphones symbol down to the right of the text input box in any ChatGPT session. You may discover that this is a more intuitive approach to interact with the AI.

When you first use the function, ChatGPT will offer you to select a voice for replies. You can later modify this by touching your name in the sidebar and selecting Settings. When you’re finished with a voice chat, simply tap the red and white cross sign to see what a text transcript of the chat you’ve just had that you can refer back to.

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