Huge Mortgage and Loan Company Suffers Data Breach Impacting 14.6 Million People


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Hackers stole sensitive personal information from more than 14.6 million Mr. Cooper customers, according to the mortgage and loan giant.

Mr. Cooper claimed in a filing with Maine’s attorney general’s office that the hackers took customer names, addresses, dates of birth, and phone numbers, as well as Social Security numbers and bank account details. Mr. Cooper previously stated that client banking information was stored by a third-party entity and was not compromised.

In a separate filing with federal regulators on Friday, Mr. Cooper stated that hackers gained personal information on “substantially all of our current and former customers.”

Because of the historical data that the corporation stores on mortgage holders, the number of affected victims is substantially more than the four million existing clients that Mr. Cooper states on its website.

According to Mr. Cooper’s data breach notification letter to concerned victims, the stolen data contains personal information on customers whose mortgage was previously acquired or serviced by the company prior to its rebranding as Mr. Cooper. Customers who had their mortgages serviced by a sibling brand may be affected, according to the company.Image for article titled Huge Mortgage and Loan Company Suffers Data Breach Impacting 14 Million People

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Friday, Mr. Cooper said in a different filing with federal regulators that hackers had obtained personal data on “substantially all of our current and former customers.”

The number of victims who have been impacted by the corporation’s storage of previous data on mortgage holders is significantly more than the four million current clients that Mr. Cooper lists on the company’s website.

In his letter to the victims of the data breach, Mr. Cooper states that the stolen material includes personal data belonging to customers whose mortgages were previously purchased or serviced by the company before it changed its name to Mr. Cooper. The company claims that customers whose mortgages were serviced by a sister brand would be impacted.

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